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General FAQs

1. What is the cost of your chiropractic services? Patients are often concerned about health care costs, and Dr. Jane Brotski is too. She will never recommend anything other than what’s necessary for you. First, she will identify if conservative care will help you and what services will benefit you the most. She is upfront and honest about what is needed, even if that is a referral to another provider. She often recommends simple lifestyle or dietary changes that can make a big impact on your health--but doesn't cost you at all! She is very clear about costs up front and provides you with payment options and family plans. She is passionate about providing high quality care and honest advice at a reasonable fee. Chiropractic visits generally range from $50 to $65 each. Your initial visit will include an in-depth history and exam and will range between $95 to $125.


2. Will you help with insurance? In order to keep costs affordable for all, Dr. Brotski is not in-network with any health insurance plans and does not bill your insurance. This way, her fees are affordable for people with high deductibles or high co-pays. 

3. What is the cost of your yoga classes?
Yoga class costs vary based on the location of the classes. Classes are in the range of $10-20 for a drop-in depending on the yoga studio. Some studios offer a series of yoga classes for a discount. Private yoga sessions are also available. Share the fun (and the cost) by booking a semi-private class. This is a great option for beginners or people with specific medical concerns to get the individualized attention they need. Private session fees range from $85 (for one), $110 (for 2 people), $130 (for 3-4 people), $150 (for 5-6 people) per hour based on requests, location and number of participants. Email or call for options.

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