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Upcoming Yoga Classes & Description

Recurring & Rotational Classes: In the grid, you'll find yoga classes Dr. Brotski teaches on a recurring basis. However, always check our Facebook page for full class listings as she instructs some classes on a rotational basis (every month, every 2 weeks, etc.) and adds one-time-only classes from time to time as well.

NOTE: I am teaching limited classes, at this time, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please stay healthy and safe, and hope to add more classes soon.

Yoga Class Schedule for Recurring Classes

Yoga Class Locations

Center for Women's Health

128 Hospital Drive

Watertown, WI 53098

To Register

Visit and search for Yoga under classes and events

OR call 920-262-4825


405 Genesee Street

Delafield, WI 53018

For more information


Wisconsin Athletic Club

20075 Water Tower Blvd

Brookfield, WI 53045

For more information


OR call 262.544.4111


Soleil Lune Yoga Center

29B S Main Street

Oconomowoc, WI 53066

For more information


or call 262.206.1285

Lake Mills Yoga Coop

112 South Main Street

Lake Mills, WI 53551

For more information


or call 920-988-7452

Private At-Home Sessions

Dr. Jane Brotski is happy to provide private sessions in your home if you wish. Click the "Contact Us" button to schedule an at-home Yoga session.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Basics

This class is for beginners to intermediate students  who want to work at a slower pace. Emphasis is on safe alignment and stability in each pose. Modifications are offered to different body types and limitations. Movements are slow and gentle, set to relaxing music. Focus is on muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. Mindfulness and breathing techniques for relaxation will be introduced. Great for beginners and those wanting to move at a gentle pace.

Image by kike vega

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow connects movement to breath. Each class is a series of beginner and intermediate poses set to uplifting music. Moderately paced flowing sequences will challenge your balance poses and longer holds will build strength. Correct alignment and safe transitions in and out of poses is emphasized. Each class also explores breathwork and relaxation techniques to sooth the body and mind. Great for those looking to move at a moderate pace and expand their yoga practice.

Image by Emily Sea

Gentle Flow Yoga

This yoga class is similar to Yoga Basics, but includes more dynamic, flowing stretches. It is appropriate for beginners. In Yoga Basics, we move at a slower pace and describe poses and alignment in more detail. Gentle Flow Yoga would be the next step for many of the people in Yoga Basics, but who struggle in Yoga Flow.

Senior Yoga Class

Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga

Experience how yoga can empower you during your journey through pregnancy and post-pregnancy. You will learn techniques to support your changing body and prepare you for childbirth and beyond. You will learn Yoga based:

  • relaxation skills

  • breathing practices

  • techniques to calm the mind

  • yoga postures for balance and strength

  • yoga postures to release tension

  • yoga postures to relieve common pregnancy and post-pregnancy related aches

Prenatal Yoga Practice

Yoga for Child Birth

Whether you and your partner are having your first baby or you're second or third timers, you'll discover an in-depth look at movement and breathing tools. Your fears about labor and birth will be addressed so you both feel more confident. Third trimester or late second trimester is preferred. You'll be provided with:

  • Ways to manage pain, uncertainty and negativity using movement, sound, breathing, affirmations and relaxation

  • A "cheat sheet" for your labor bag

  • Empowering tools for birth partners to feel confidently supportive

  • A recording of a guided relaxation practice that you can use during labor

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga
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