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Patient and Student Testimonials

Dr. Brotski's Chiropractic Patients

"Here's a community resource for you! Dr. Brotski, who teaches these classes is a trusted colleague and friend of mine, and my favorite chiropractor to recommend during and after pregnancy. I very, very rarely see a baby in a funky position in labor when mamas see her during pregnancy!" 


"I would like to thank Dr. Jane Brotski for her excellent care. I suffered from daily headaches, stiffness in my neck and arthritis. Dr. Brotski's chiropractic care has eased all of those symptoms, as well as the stress that accompanied those challenges. I am so appreciative."

--L Russel

"After two very painful childbirths, I decided to take advantage of Dr. Jane Brotski's chiropractic care for my third pregnancy. Not only has Dr. Brotski been helpful in easing my aches and pains and making this pregnancy so much easier, but she was kind, compassionate, and had wonderful techniques for calming my body and mind." I am extremely grateful and so is my husband."

--E. Whittle

Beach Meditation

Dr. Jane Brotski's Yoga Students

"Hi Jane, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Sunday afternoon yoga at the Lake Mills Yoga Studio! Such a great warm-up, well-directed flow, and soothing cool down. As a caregiver, I've come to depend on the wonderful classes in our studio to keep me strong and sane. Many thanks for yesterday. Hope to see your name on the schedule again."

--Mimi Lea

"Dr. Broski's prenatal yoga classes were exactly what I needed to strengthen me during my pregnancy and help me through my labor. I truly believe I would have never been strong enough to make it through my natural delivery without her instruction and expertise."

--S. Anderson

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Broski and her yoga classes. Jane is a delightful instructor and I attended her classes since week 14 of my pregnancy. I recently had my baby and I know Dr. Brotski helped make that experience stress-free and beautiful. I continue to partake in Jane's yoga classes. They help keep my body strong and my mind calm...both necessary as a new mom."

--K. Ford

Mother and Baby on Floor
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